You want to see changes towards the good society? You want to support an organisation that aims at implementing their academic results to achieve such a societal impact?

You want to support an organisation that fulfils highest non-profit standards?

– Support The Institute by donations, legacies and other gratuities to enable us to achieve the aims laid down in our Articles!

Since 13 October 2022, we are registered by the Austrian tax authority as receiver of tax-deductable donations (registration no. FW-19628).
This means that both
• Articles of Association and
• the activities reported at our website
comply with the highest standards of non-profitability. Both will be monitored by our Auditor every financial year.
If you want, accordingly, to reduce your tax at the Austrian tax office, just provide us with your full name and date of birth. Our Auditor is authorised to hand over the data to the Austrian tax office so as to promote the automatic consideration of reduction for you.
If you are taxable in another country, please, ask your tax office for information. We will act as required.
Your data is safe with us and will be handled in compliance with the GDPR provisions.

Fyi, you can download an English version of the Articles of Association here. As The Institute is an association by Austrian law, the German version applies exclusively. You find it here.

Pls, make your donation into the the following bank account:
Payee: GSIS – The Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society
Bank: Erste Bank, Vienna, Austria
IBAN: AT14 2011 1282 3991 1000
Purpose: Donation

Or use PayPal:

If you have got valuable assets other than financial means for us, contact us here, pls.


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