The Institute does research in the field of systems, information and social sciences, their foundations and interrelation, in order to study actual and potential techno-eco-social transformations of world society

It works in two thematically focused Units. It carries out common projects autonomously or collaboratively and it pools contributions of individual researchers.


The Institute is made up of two Units:


The Institute executes different kinds of research projects:

  • "Eigen projects" (internal projects), which are carried out on behalf of The Institute through voluntary commitment of people in- and outside The Institute, without gratification or sustainable financial support; and
  • funded projects, which are supported by donations made to The Institute or by funds outside The Institute according to an application by The Institute that was accepted under the condition that the financing body must not determine nor influence the project idea or the execution of the project of The Institute nor do project partners in collaborative projects so;
    state of applications as of September 2020:
    – number of project applications under review: 4
    – number of project applications submitted: 2
    – number of project applications in preparation: -


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