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16 July 2024

4lthangrund – "Alte Mensa", Wien
Open-Air Cinema


The End of Humanity(?)

GSIS Utopia(s) Conversations on Meaningful Technologies & a Convivial Society for All

A documentary on Trans-/Posthumanism
Filmvorführung und Diskussion

Watch the trailer here!

(The movie is in English with German subtitles)

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On 16 July 2024 is the AI Appreciation Day:
Be fully human, not fully automated!
We need 100% of humanity

At 20:00 CET, NGO’s, universities and other partner institutions will launch “The End of Humanity” globally. There will be screenings of the film followed by podium debates all over the world

4 June 2024

4lthangrund – Wolke, "Alte WU"

new classic

Critical Bifurcations. A theoretical reflection on the transition to a convivial society

GSIS Utopia(s) Conversations on a Convivial Society for All & on a Sustainable Planet

Guest: Frédéric Vandenberghe

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