18 to 20 November 2021

Vienna, Austria


KriKoWi-Tagung 2021

Eigentum, Medien, Öffentlichkeit

Institut für heterodoxe Ökonomie, WU Wien

Kooperationspartner: GSIS.

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Call for papers

12 to 19 September 2021



The 2021 Summit of the International Society for the Study of Information

GSIS is involved in the Organizing Committee.

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Calls for papers

12 to 19 September 2021



Digital Humanism – How to shape digitalisation in the age of global challenges?

Online Workshop at the IS4SI Summit 2021

Organisers: Emergent Systems Group together with Forum Computer Professionals for Peace and Social Responsibility

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Call for papers

1 to 5 September 2021

Stadtschlaining, Austria


Heimatland Erde

Friedenspolitik im Zeitalter des Anthropozäns

37. Sommerakademie, Austrian Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR), Burg Schlaining

GSIS is partner of the campaign "Terre-Patrie" to recall Edgar Morin's theses who is going to celebrate his 100th birthday 2021. Helena Knyazeva and Wolfgang Hofkirchner are invited speakers.

1 to 3 September 2021

Kutná Hora, Czech Republic


IDIMT 2021

29th Interdisciplinary Information Management Talks

Organised by Petr Doucek and Antonin Pavlicek from University of Economy, Prague, and GSIS Member Gerhard Chroust from Johannes Kepler University Linz.

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23 to 25 August 2021

Vienna University of Economics and Business, Vienna, Austria


Ein neuer, digitaler Strukturwandel der Öffentlichkeit?

Ad-hoc-Gruppe, DGS/ÖGS Kongress

Organised by Martin Seeliger and Sebastian Sevignani.

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