18 to 20 November 2021

Vienna, Austria


KriKoWi-Tagung 2021

Eigentum, Medien, Öffentlichkeit

Institut für heterodoxe Ökonomie, WU Wien

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12 to 19 September 2021



Digital Humanism – How to shape digitalisation in the age of global challenges?

Online Workshop at the IS4SI Summit 2021

Organisers: Emergent Systems Group together with Forum Computer Professionals for Peace and Social Responsibility

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Call for papers

1 to 5 September 2021

Stadtschlaining, Austria


Heimatland Erde

Friedenspolitik im Zeitalter des Anthropozäns

37. Sommerakademie, Austrian Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution (ASPR), Burg Schlaining

GSIS is partner of the campaign "Terre-Patrie" to recall Edgar Morin's theses who is going to celebrate his 100th birthday 2021. Helena Knyazeva and Wolfgang Hofkirchner are invited speakers.

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