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Youngsters Hybrid Art Academy


Collaboration: Renate C.-Z.-Quehenberger & Anna Ceeh

The idea is to found an edutainment platform for children and young people about arts and digital media.

To be funded by private and public sources: Pls, donate to GSIS and dedicate your donation to this project by indicating "YHAA"!

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Utopia(s) reloaded


Talks organisation committee: David Braunstein*, Annette Grathoff, Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Irena Mostowicz, Renate Quehenberger

GSIS invites to talks on science, activism and the techno-eco-social transformation.

Event project: To be held from 26 to 28 October 2023.
Pls, donate to GSIS to support this event!

* (David had to quit his engagement end of June. We owe him a lot.)

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Co-ordinator: Sophie Huber-Lachner

New cultures of cooperation have been emerging all over Austria, Europe and the world. This research project seeks to map initiatives and projects, companies and politics that experiment with future ways of  learning, working and living together.

"Conviviality" - i.e. sociability, joyance, festivity - describes their common ground, their mindset: the term coined by Viennese philosopher Ivan Illich, aims at using technical progress for truly human purposes: "Von der Produktivität zur Konvivialität übergehen heißt, einen ethischen Wert an die Stelle eines technischen Wertes, einen realisierten Wert an die Stelle eines materialisierten Wertes setzen." (1973|1975: "Tools for Conviviality"|"Selbstbegrenzung")

Eigen project. In preparation.

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Single Integrated
Science of



Co-ordinators: Mark Burgin†, Wolfgang Hofkirchner

After Burgin had created his General Theory of Information (e.g., Theory of Information: FundamentalityDiversity and Unification 2010) and the feasibility and needfulness of a Unified Theory of Information had been demonstrated by Hofkirchner (e.g., Emergent Information 2013), the UTI Research Group had achieved a milestone that opened a new vista: further steps towards a Science of Information in its own right. That is on our agenda now.

Eigen project. Start: June 2019.


20160717_183606 (1)

Co-ordinators: José María Díaz Nafría, Teresa Guarda

The glossaLAB Project has the purpose of developing an interactive open platform for conceptual elucidation and its application to the interdisciplinary co-creation, learning, dissemination and assessment of the knowledge underpinning interdisciplinary frameworks (in particular, the general study of systems and information). This development comprises:

  • at the technical level, the semantically interoperable recompilation of valuable scattered encyclopaedic contents;
  • at the theoretical level, the increase of intensional performance (or reduction of conceptual redundancy) and the further elucidation of concept; and
  • at the meta-theoretical level, the assessment of knowledge integration based on diversity and conceptual network integration.

The glossaLAB consortium is constituted by:

  • Universidad Estatal Península de Santa Elena (Ecuador),
  • Madrid Open University (Spain),
  • GSIS – The Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society (former UTI Group) (Austria),
  • BITrum – Grupo de investigación (Spain),
  • Universidad de León (España),
  • Institute for Design Science (Germany),
  • International Society for the Study of Information (Austria),
  • Yachay University of Technology (Ecuador),
  • Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (Ecuador).


Funded project. Start: March 2019. New funds 2021-2022.

Evolution of Information Processing Systems


Co-ordinator: Annette Grathoff

It is possible to come to a positive motivation for conserving (bio)diversity by considering knowledge about how stability develops and is lost in evolution. The main problem is stated on the GSIS main page, namely that science is continued to be split up into ever more specialised disciplines that are siloed against each other. To face this problem, interdisciplinary cooperation and exchange needs to be focused. The Evolution of Information Processing Systems project is a contribution to reaching this goal.


Materialism, Critical Media and
Communi-cation Theory


Authors: Sebastian Sevignani, Sevda C. Arslan

This textbook introduces and discusses the most important critical media and communication theorists, who contribute to a better understanding of media's and communication's role in capitalism.

Book project. Publication, originally planned for 2020, has been postponed.

Edgar Morin: Das Leben des Lebens


Editor: Wolfgang Hofkirchner
Translation: Cecile Malaspina, Rainer E. Zimmermann

German translation of Edgar Morin's second volume La Vie de la Vie of the six volumes of La Méthode. It follows the first volume Die Natur der Natur.

Book project. Publication planned for 2023.

Origins of Systems Thinking


Co-ordinators: Robert K. Logan, Annette Grathoff, Wolfgang Hofkirchner

The assumption we would like to substantiate is that not only with the science of Ecology, not only with General System Theory and even not only with Aristotle Systems Thinking was born. It might have been born with the birth of homo sapiens (sapiens) and might have to do with conceptual thinking that features the capacity to generalisations and with the dissociation of humans from their social relations that features the capacity to hierarchical thinking.

Eigen project. Start: August 2017.

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