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Co-ordinators: José María Díaz Nafría, Teresa Guarda

The glossaLAB Project has the purpose of developing an interactive open platform for conceptual elucidation and its application to the interdisciplinary co-creation, learning, dissemination and assessment of the knowledge underpinning interdisciplinary frameworks (in particular, the general study of systems and information). This development comprises:

  • at the technical level, the semantically interoperable recompilation of valuable scattered encyclopaedic contents;
  • at the theoretical level, the increase of intensional performance (or reduction of conceptual redundancy) and the further elucidation of concept; and
  • at the meta-theoretical level, the assessment of knowledge integration based on diversity and conceptual network integration.

The glossaLAB consortium is constituted by:

  • Universidad Estatal Península de Santa Elena (Ecuador),
  • Madrid Open University (Spain),
  • GSIS – The Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society (former UTI Group) (Austria),
  • BITrum – Grupo de investigación (Spain),
  • Universidad de León (España),
  • Institute for Design Science (Germany),
  • International Society for the Study of Information (Austria),
  • Yachay University of Technology (Ecuador),
  • Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (Ecuador).


Project duration: 2019-2023.


Utopia(s) reloaded


Talks organisation committee: David Braunstein*, Annette Grathoff, Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Irena Mostowicz, Renate Quehenberger

GSIS invited to talks on science, activism and the techno-eco-social transformation.

Event project: held from 26 to 28 October 2023.

* (David had to quit his engagement end of June. We owe him a lot.)

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Information Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability


Co-ordinators: Tomáš Sigmund, Wolfgang Hofkirchner

This project will deal with topics of Information Ethics (e.g., information privacy, information accuracy, information property, digital divide etc.) and related issues.
Follow-up project of Systems Approaches to Information Ethics.

Joint project between Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, University of Economics, Prague, and GSIS.
Duration 2020 – 2022.

Emergent Trans-


Author: Wolfgang Hofkirchner

Starting from the book Emergent Information, emergentism, systemism and informationism are applied to the fields of social theory, the theory of information society and the theory of technology design in the age of global challenges. The new book makes the case for a Critical Social Systems Theory, a Critical Information Society Theory, and a Critical Theory of Techno-Social Systems Design. By doing so, principles are developed that are key for the techno-eco-social transformation towards a global sustainable information society.

Title and subtitle of the book changed: The Logic of the Third. A Paradigm Shift to a Shared Future for Humanity. Read the preface to understand why.

Book project. Publication date: November 2022.

[Image: GAIA 5.0 by Renate C.-Z.-Quehenberger]

Climate-friendly living


Livia Regen (lead author), Wolfgang Hofkirchner (review-editor)

Support of the compilation of the Austrian Panel on Climate Change (APCC) Special Report 22 "Structures for a climate-friendly living".

Expected online and printed version date: 2022.

[Image: Climate Change Centre Austria]

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"Heimatland Erde"


Team: Sophie Huber-Lachner (film director), Werner Wintersteiner, Ursula Gamauf-Eberhardt, Wolfgang Hofkirchner

A documentary on promoting planetary awareness for educational use.
In co-operation with the ASPR (Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution).

Past film project. End: 13 November 2021.

Premiere pending.

[Image: Temperature anomalies 2016-2020, NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio]

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COVID-19 Epidemic Austria Simulation Model


Co-ordinator: Peter Fleissner

These models simulate the COVID-19 epidemic in Austria.

Eigen project.

The third wave. Start: 6 March 2021.

The second wave. Start: 1 June 2020.

The first wave. Start: 28 March 2020. End: 1 May 2020.

"Lernen lernen"


Film director: Sophie Huber-Lachner

A case study and feature length documentary about learning.

Corona was slowing down the process and working closely with the protagonists was not possible. Hence, together with senior producer Markus Fischer (Fischerfilm) it was decided to resize the project to a TV documentary (45-60 minutes). Additional shooting days were required. The title was changed to "Das Lernen (wieder) lernen".

Film project. Premiere: March 2022.

You can stream it on



Editors: Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Hans-Jörg Kreowski

The proper guide to a posthuman condition or a dangerous idea?
The book contains among others contributions of Emergent Systems Group members Klaus Kornwachs, Tomáš Sigmund, Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Robert K. Logan, Christian Stary.

Book project. Publication: 2020 in the Springer book series Cognitive Technologies.

Systems Approaches to Information Ethics


Co-ordinators: Tomas Sigmund, Wolfgang Hofkirchner

How does Information Ethics take shape in the perspective of Systems Theory?

Supported by the Department of Systems Analysis, Faculty of Informatics and Statistics, University of Economics, Prague. Duration: 2017-2019.

Continued as Information Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability.

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Social Net-working Sites in the Sur-veillance Society


Co-ordinator: Christian Fuchs

The overall aim was to study electronic surveillance on social networking sites that are used by Austrian students.

Past project funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. Duration: 2010-2014.

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Human Strategies in Com-plexity


Co-ordinator: Wolfgang Hofkirchner

The overall aim was to lay foundations for an evolutionary systems theory.

Past project funded by INTAS and the Federal Ministry for Education, Science and Culture. Supported by the UTI Research Group. Duration: 2001-2004.

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