Robots and humans

During a short summer stay of Robert K. Logan at the UTI Research Group in Vienna in 2018, talks were held between him and Sabine Köszegi from the Institute of Management Science, TU Wien, on AI and robots. Logan has recently co-edited a special issue of the journal Information on AI and the singularity: a fallacy or a great opportunity. Köszegi is Chair of the Austrian Council on Robotics and AI, BMVIT, and Member of the High Level Expertgroup on Artificial Intelligence of the European Commission. Literature was exchanged and co-operation possibilities were explored. A PhD student of Köszegi was invited to contribute to the edited volume planned by Hofkirchner and Kreowski on behalf of the Emergent Systems Group on Transhumanism.

Logan has in the meantime become Member of the Advisory Committee of GSIS – The Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society.


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