“Building up a Global Sustainable Information Society”: ICAI 2019 Madrid

The Second International Conference on Applied Informatics (ICAI) took place from 6 to 9 November 2019 at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Campus Somosaguas, Spain. It was the first-ever conference with the title: Building up a Global Sustainable Information Society. The intent was to promote awareness of the global challenges, the “good society” as today’s necessary utopia and how applied informatics can contribute to its implementation.

The following keynotes and presentations were held by GSIS Members:

Wolfgang Hofkirchner | Designing for the Global Sustainable Information Society | Keynote (see photo above) | link to the abstract | pdf | link to the video (18:00 – 53:00)

Modestos Stavrakis | Designing interactive technologies for smart learning environments | Keynote | abstract | link to the video (28:36 – 1:05:00)

Mark Burgin | Introduction to the mathematical theory of knowledge conceptualization: Conceptual systems and structures | Keynote | …

José María Díaz Nafría (co-authors Teresa Guarda, Mark Burgin, Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Rainer E. Zimmermann, Gerhard Chroust, and Simone Belli) | glossaLAB: Co-Creating Interdisciplinary Knowledge | Paper | link | link to the video (0:00 – 1:08:50)

José María Díaz-Nafría (co-authors Enrique Díez-Gutiérrez, Wolfgang Hofkirchner, Rainer E. Zimmermann, Simone Belli, Gustavo Martínez-Mekler, Markus Müller, Luis Tobar, Fernando Martín-Mayoral, Modestos Stavrakis, Teresa Guarda, and Edgardo Ugalde) | PRIMER Initiative: PRomoting Interdisciplinary Methodologies in Education and Research | Paper | pdf

Teresa Guarda (co-author Maria Fernanda Augusto) | Geographic Marketing Intelligence: GMI Model | Paper | pdf

Wolfgang Hofkirchner, José María Díaz Nafría (co-authors Peter Crowley, Wilfried Graf, Gudrun Kramer, Hans-Jörg Kreowski, and Werner Wintersteiner) | ICTs connecting global citizens, global dialogue and global governance. A call for needful designs | Paper | link | link to the video (1:01:30 – 1:34:15)

(Teresa Guarda and José María Díaz Nafría)

The conference had a rejections rate of more than 60 per cent. Among the ten topics, “Socio-technical systems” counted the second-most papers. About half of the authors came from Columbia and Ecuador, about 7 per cent from Nigeria, the venue of the next conference in 2020. Around 5 per cent each came from China, Spain, Austria, Germany and the USA.

This conference was, among others, “sponsored” by The Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society. José María Díaz Nafría, member of the Emergent Systems Group, was one of four General Chairs. Teresa Guarda (co-leader of the glossaLAB) and Wolfgang Hofkirchner took part in the organizing committee and, together with Annette Grathoff, in the Program Committee.

Guarda and Stavrakis who joined The Institute, were besides Díaz Nafría and Hofkirchner involved in the organisation of the following workshops:

  • First International Workshop on Education and Technology Synergies for Current and Future Societies (EduSynergies 2019)
  • Third International Workshop on Information and Knowledge in Internet of Things (IKIT 2019)
  • Second International Workshop on Intelligent Systems and Technologies for Interactive Human- Machine Relationships (ISTIHMR 2019)

Here the link to the conference website.


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