Proceedings of the IS4SI Summit Berkeley 2019 on Artificial Intelligence out now

Mark Burgin, GSIS Chief Information Scientist, Gordana Dodig-Crnkovic, Member of the Emergent Systems Group, and Marcin Schroeder, President of the International Society for Information Studies (IS4SI), published the proceedings of the IS4SI Berkeley Summit on AI in 2019. They collected 58 articles. The Summit comprised:

  • Conference Theoretical Information Studies
  • Conference: Morphological, Natural, Analog, and Other Unconventional Forms of Computing for Cognition and Intelligence
  • Fourth International Conference on Philosophy of Information
  • Workshop: Hacking Societies, Habits and Rituals

The proceedings contain 15 contributions of the Emergent Systems Group, most of them address three GSIS projects:

To browse those articles go to the list on our Publications site. All articles are open access.


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