Bringing about transdisciplinarity

Our project glossaLAB organises an international workshop in Spain, 23-31 May 2022.

See the programme here.

Besides the project leaders Teresa Guarda and José María Díaz Nafría, our Members Tomáš Sigmund and Modestos Stavrakis are planned with several inputs. Sigmund represents also the project Information Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability.

In order to be able to handle the global challenges, it does not suffice to cut them down into simple pieces. Such an approach does not do justice to their complexity. It is time to review the state of the art of strategies of integrating knowledge. glossaLAB aims to clarify the used terms as “system”, “network”, “interdisciplinarity” etc. so as to highlight the differences and the commonalities that need to be considered if true transdisciplinarity is sought. This elucidation will have several steps. Look here.


Update from 26 June 2022:

Recordings of the workshop can be watched here.


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