Habitual Behavior: Habits, Routines and Rituals

That’s the title of an online workshop scheduled for 26 August 2022.

This event is inspired by the interesting discussion that took place at the IS4SI Summit 2017 (Gothenburg), IS4SI Summit 2019 (Berkeley), IS4SI 2021 (online Japan).

Habits and rituals play a fundamental role in human life and have been studied mostly by disciplines like anthropology, sociology and psychology. Philosophy as well offers interesting analyses from different perspectives. Aristotle represents a fundamental perspective to investigate the dimensions entailed by the notion of habit, while Peircean habits connect to the life of symbols. Very interesting researchers investigate the relationship between habits, code and learning in biosemiotics. Of all human belief systems and practices, religions are strongest connected to habits and rituals in form of prayers, meditations, sacrifices, sermons, services, trances, initiation rites and more. Habits and rituals offer a common ground that can help to stimulate the discussion from different scientific and cultural perspectives.

We invite contributions on the following or similar topics in relation to contemporary trans-disciplinary and trans-cultural debate:

  1. The nature and role of habits, routines and rituals in natural and social sciences
  2. Ethical issues of habits and AI, for example the implication of introduction of robotics and intelligent agents in different contexts
  3. The nature and role of rituals in multicultural societies
  4. Ethical issues of habits and rituals and their relevance for human life
  5. The relationship between habits and rituals as continuity or discontinuity between personal and social context

Provisional Speakers:
Lorenzo Magnani (University of Pavia), Robert Lowe (University of Gothenburg), Paolo Crocchiolo (American University Rome), Raffaela Giovagnoli (Pontifical Lateran University), Irena Mostowicz (University of Vienna)


  • Abstract about 500 words by June 30 to irena.mostowicz@gmail.com 
  • Publication after peer reviewing process in a forthcoming Springer volume, Sapere Series. 

Organisers: Raffaela Giovagnoli and Irena Mostowicz. Irena is Member of GSIS.

[The photo by Raffaela Giovagnoli shows the Infiorata of Spello in Umbria, 2021.]


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