Digital ethics

This fifth volume in Christian Fuchs’s Media, Communication and Society series presents an approach to critical digital ethics. It develops foundations and applications of digital ethics based on critical theory. It applies a critical approach to ethics within the realm of digital technology.

Based on the notions of alienation, communication (in)justice, media (in)justice, and digital (in)justice, it analyses ethics in the context of digital labour and the surveillance-industrial complex; social media research ethics; privacy on Facebook; participation, co-operation, and sustainability in the information society; the digital commons; the digital public sphere; and digital democracy. The book consists of three parts. Part I presents some of the philosophical foundations of critical, humanist digital ethics. Part II applies these foundations to concrete digital ethics case studies. Part III presents broad conclusions about how to advance the digital commons, the digital public sphere, and digital democracy, which is the ultimate goal of critical digital ethics.

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