Culture and Artists: Paradigm change VII

The purpose of the talks about “Utopia(s) reloaded: Science, activism and the techno-eco-social transformation” we are preparing for 26-28 October 2023 is to raise awareness of the scientific basis on which action can be effective in overcoming the current polycrisis. These talks are intended to explore the paradigm changes needed to transform our societies.

Scientists for Future (S4F) back the Last Generation when carrying out their protest demonstrations aimed at raising awareness about failing appropriate measures against the heating of planet earth. Not only representatives of science support these movements. Also humanities and arts play an important part in creating awareness.

Our talks agenda is framed by three evening events featuring contributions by a novelist, a philosopher and a group of music performers on 26, 27 and 28 October, starting at 18.00.

(Laura Freudenthaler, © Gianmaria Gava)

The first, Laura Freudenthaler, anticipates with her novel “Arson”, published on 28 August 2023, how dystopic our future can become.

(Book cover, © mandelbaum)

The second, Annette Schlemmm, will present her essay hot off the press on how our imagination for real utopias is becoming more and more limited by dystopian conditions.

(Pauseroni, © Pauseroni)

And the third, the group Pauseroni, appeals to us to make transformation work despite all the dystopian restrictions.

Thus, culture, by creative artists, is an ally in the paradigm shift towards the exploration and implementation of real utopias that are adapted to the constraints.

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In addition, two other artists will be taking part who will exhibit different pieces of art.

Gerald Pueringer will show an installation called BITCOIN-ALTAR to give food for thought about a possible idolisation of crypto-currencies and Maria Gärber will give a showcase on clothes and bags called Kunst-stoff to problematise the plastic waste.


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