Afghanistan und Syrien. Geschichte und Gegenwart

GSIS Utopia(s) Conversations on a Convivial Society for All

GSIS is organising a series of conversations in various formats that tie in with the themes of our Utopia(s) Reloaded Talks in October 2023. Our Utopia(s) Conversations will revolve around a Convivial Society for All, a Sustainable Planet and Meaningful Technologies.

Since the refugee movements of 2015, many people from Afghanistan and Syria have moved to Central Europe. Both Afghanistan and Syria are in conflict due to internal and external factors. However, a lot of it is also historical, due to colonialism.

Amin Elfeshawi will therefore address the history and present of both countries in his lecture. He is a political scientist and Islamic religious educator. The lecture will be held in German.

He says:

The political conditions in both countries are partly remnants of unresolved problems from the colonial era. Fatal political decisions from the 19th and 20th centuries leave their legacy right up to the present day.

Amin Elfeshawi: Afghanistan und Syrien. Geschichte und Gegenwart

Moderation: Irena Mostowicz

17. April 2024, 18:00
GSIS Lab: 4lthangrund – Wolke, “Alte WU”, Augasse 2-6, 1090 Wien
(Kern C, Lift, 4. Stock links)

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