Social epistemology studies co-operation

During the stay of Kang Ouyang, Philosopher at the Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST) School of Philosophy in Wuhan, China, in Austria, where he was invited to four events of our Utopia(s) Conversations about a perspective from China on the future of humanity, our Institute signed a draft agreement to join the founding institutional members of an International Alliance for Social Epistemology Study. Its task is

to establish educational platforms for sharing knowledge, experiences and practices, and to jointly promote exchange and understanding among different cultures and academic traditions, thereby providing strategies and insights for addressing global issues such as sustainable development, social justice, environmental protection, etc.

This alliance is an initiative by Ouyang. It shall be announced at the XXV World Congress of Philosophy to be held 1 to 8 August 2024 in Rome.

Three GSIS Members have already registered as participants of the congress. Raffaela Giovagnoli, Renate Quehenberger and Irena Mostowicz organise a Round Table on “Habits, Rituals and Human Life”. They will also gather with Ouyang and other participants interested in the social epistemology alliance.

Kang Ouyang visits our new Executive Board at our Lab [photo by Xiaokang Meng]


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