glossaLAB: Co-Creating Interdisciplinary Knowledge

GSIS Chief Information Scientist Mark Burgin, new GSIS Member Gerhard Chroust besides Rainer E. Zimmermann and Wolfgang Hofkirchner join the team of co-authors of glossaLAB co-ordinator José María Díaz Nafría for a paper accepted for presentation at ICAI 2019, the forthcoming Second International Conference on Applied Informatics. Other authors are project co-co-ordinator Teresa Guarda from Universidad Estatal Península de Santa Elena, Ecuador, and Simone Belli from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain.

The paper deals with the challenges of co-creation of knowledge and questions of inter- and transdisciplinarity of science. It describes how the project in question will approach these challenges. For the purpose of measurement, a Discipline Diversity Index is defined and how knowledge integration can be studied.

The authors wish to dedicate this work to the memory of Charles François who is famous for his unprecedented two-volumes International Encyclopedia of Systems and Cybernetics. His work represents an invaluable and everlasting contribution to the integration of knowledge to which the glossaLAB project is devoted. We are indebted to his legacy. 


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