Artificial Intelligence: is it artificial, or intelligent?

The Institute invited – for the first time – to a Wiener Salon in the Werdertorgasse in the City of Vienna. Dr Irena Mostowicz, currently working at IBM, was to give a lecture on 4 October 2019. The topic: Artificial Intelligence: is it artificial, or intelligent? Using algorithms in practice – the example of healthcare project.

A dozen people followed the invitation. They represented different professional backgrounds – from academia, over small companies and NGOs to arts. After 2 hours presentation and a fruitful discussion, there was room for personal conversation.

Mostowicz presented the way how the topic of artificial intelligence is perceived nowadays by societies: either as a sign of a technological progress, or as a way of the future distinction of humanity. The focus was put on a critical approach to either opinion. Mostowicz showed how AI projects can be useful and help professionals in their everyday work life. IBM’s Watson Health is such a kind of project. It aims at the design of a program that classifies and identifies complex medical categories. 

Find Mostovicz’s CV here.


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