Ethically aligned design – first edition released

The IEEE Initiative on ethics with autonomous and intelligent systems (A/IS) published the collaborative work on ethical considerations in the design of A/IS (see our previous news on the topic).

Wolfgang Hofkirchner contributed to the chapter Classical Ethics in A/IS, in particular, to Section 1, Issue: The Distinction between Agents and Patients (pp. 41-42) – a distinction Philosopher of Information Rafael Capurro, founder of the International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE), made.

This section is a warning against an approach engineers and policy makers are familiar with: it would be a misunderstanding to attempt “to implant true morality and emotions, and thus accountability, i.e., autonomy, into A/IS”, since it “blurs the distinction between agents and patients”. “Definitions of autonomy need to be clearly drawn, both in terms of A/IS and human autonomy.”

Here is the link.


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