Starving out the virus – a new strategy for Austria?

Peter Fleissner, expert in social cybernetics, considers a new strategy for dealing with the virus in Austria. According to his simulation model – that so far has been fitting well the actual numbers of infected people (see here) –, in 10 days the number of newly infected would be zero. This would mean that the virus would have been starved out. If that became true, Austria could open its borders for controlled crossings from people of those countries that would have reached the same zero number and would adopt the same strategy. Of course, Fleissner stresses the opening must be accompanied by strong precautionary measures and testing to prevent a second wave.

Fleissner has informed, among others, Elisabeth Köstinger, Federal Minister for Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, about his model and the conclusions he would recommend to draw.

See here the updates of Fleissner’s model.

Peter Fleissner is retired professor at the TU Wien and member of our Institute.


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