Property, the Media, and the Public Sphere

GSIS’s partner organisation, the Netzwerk Kritische Kommunikationswissenschaft, a scholarly network that tries to push critical communication and media studies in the German speaking countries, in cooperation with the Institute for Heterodox Economis, WU Vienna, hosts a conference on “Property, the Media, and the Public Sphere” in Vienna from 18-20th November 2021.

GSIS’s co-director and UTI Research Group leader, Sebastian Sevignani, is involved in the organisational team. The conference will feature contributions from the institute and the research group.

Topics to be discussed are among others the representation of property in the media, media concentration and unequally distributed property in media and communication technology, media property’s effects on subjectivization, property’s influence on the formation of publics and media content. The conference aims also at assessing alternatives to private property in the media industries.

Further information, the detailed CfP and a shorter flyer for the conference (in German) can be found here:


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