The digital workplace – nucleus of transformation

The S-BPM ONE 2020, the 12th International Conference on Subject-Oriented Business Process Management, originally planned at BIBA Bremen Institute for Production and LogisticsBremen, Germanytook place from December 2–3, 2020 in an online format. Accordingly, emergence became evident throughout preparation leading to the novel format of presentations and scientific discourse. The topic, The Digital Workplace – Nucleus of Transformation, albeit being determined before the pandemic crisis, has become a central concern due to home office regulations and increasing digital remoteness, allowing timely discussions of a variety of transformation issues.

Mostly driven by Industry 4.0 contexts, autonomy, sovereignty, interoperability, and sustainability issues have been explored. Core was the flexible interaction of different stakeholders as resilient nodes in what are supposed to be value-added socio-technical networks. Besides technological topics, such as edge processes, decentralized structures for organizing work have been evident and discussed from various perspectives, including standards and semantic representations. It was agreed that a high degree of interoperability, to which all partners in an ecosystem are committed and contribute equally, enables effective and efficient information sharing.

Although far from being daily routine, support for workforce to creatively exploit emerging technologies such as Internet of Behavior or Deep Learning applications, has been a topic of discourse. Of crucial relevance seems common stakeholder understanding of digital representation and design tools. Then interactive technologies can be used to transform how work gets done. Business processes are key as baseline for reflecting on existing operating capabilities and for designing future value networks. It remains to be investigated in how far disruptive development steps for many communities and societal systems will lead to responsive and responsible behavior in networked ecologies.


Look here for the programme.

Here you can look at Christian Stary’s paper:

Christian Stary | The Internet of Behavior as Organizational Transformation Space with Choreographic Intelligence | pdf

[Christian Stary, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria, was member of the Steering Committee, and together with Hans-Jörg Kreowski, University of Bremen, member of the Program Committee of S-BPM ONE 2020. (Kreowski is Head of the Emergent Systems Group, Stary is Member.)]


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