Biocommunication and Natural Genome Editing

Günther Witzany, independent philosopher in Salzburg, Austria, has become friends with GSIS. He runs a website on Biocommunication and Natural Genome Editing. “Biocommunication” is the term Witzany coined to label his approach for which he found evidence through many research activities. He tells us:

The Theory of Biocommunication is able to show that all biological processes are based upon communicative actions. Cells, tissues, organs and organisms coordinate all forms of their common action through communication. This holds for cellular living beings – bacteria, single-celled organisms with a real nucleus – as well as for all multi-cellular organisms – animals, fungi, and plants – and even for non-cellular life – viruses and RNA-networks. The Theory of Biocommunication brings forth a new perspective on evolution and provides a new answer to the question of “what is life?”.

End of November, Witzany uploaded a number of short video clips in which he explains his broad and substantiated view in little doses (in German only):

Here a clip and a podcast in English: and

Look also at the rich literature he published:

Witzany and Hofkirchner met the first time during Hofkirchner’s stay as University Professor in Salzburg. There, in 2006, they organised together the 6th Gatherings in Biosemiotics. See here the press review of the conference.


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