On into 2023!

“It is 100 seconds to midnight.”* Concerned scientists had set the doomsday clock at that time even before the hostilities in Ukraine escalated into one of the hot spots of “World War III” – as Pope Francis used to call it. And for economists like Birgit Mahnkopf, this is also a “War against Nature”.

What is the root cause of that deplorable status of the world? Edgar Morin has called it by its name. E.g., on 14 February 2022 he twittered: “There is an unsurpassable contradiction between ethnic, nationalistic and religious closures and the need for a common consciousness of humanity in the 21st century” (translation by DeepL).

Watch the documentary The Institute for a Global Sustainable Information Society produced together with the Austrian Centre for Peace! “Heimatland Erde” (Homeland Earth) is a 20 minutes movie done by Sophie Huber-Lachner that illustrates the way that French philosopher and sociologist Morin envisions for humanity to go.

GSIS is devoted to this way. Since October 2022, you can deduct your donations to our Institute from your taxes in Austria and help us to develop scientifically sound designs for the techno-eco-social transformation of societies. As Non-Profit Organisation we depend on your donations. The time to act is now.

The video on our “thegreatbifurcation” channel. That video is in German. However, two of the four interviews it contains are in English. We would like to produce an English version for using it worldwide. Would this be an incentive for you to donate?

More about donations.


* Meanwhile the doomsday clock has been adjusted to 90 seconds to midnight.


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