Degrowth as social-ecological transformation

A book on degrowth has been published.

The book is a project of Degrowth Vienna as a follow up to the conference Degrowth Vienna 2020: Strategies for Social-Ecological Transformation

It covers 19 chapters by over 50 authors on more than 400 pages.

Degrowth is a counter-hegemonic movement that has the ambitious aim of transforming society towards social and ecological justice.
But how do we get there?
That is the question this book addresses. Adhering to the multiplicity of degrowth whilst also arguing that strategic prioritisation and coordination are key, Degrowth & Strategy advances the debate on strategy for social-ecological transformation. It explores what strategising means, identifies key directions for the degrowth movement, and scrutinises strategies in practice that aim to realise a degrowth society. 
Bringing together voices from degrowth and related movements, this book creates a polyphony for change going beyond the sum of its parts.

Our researcher Livia Regen who was active in the conference is among the editors.

Look here.


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