Peter Fleissner Heinz-von-Förster Award Winner

Our Member Peter Fleissner was awarded the Heinz-von-Förster Prize by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kybernetik (GfK) in a commonon session with Klasse der Naturwissenschaften and Klasse der Technikwissenschaften of Leibniz-Sozietät der Wissenschaften zu Berlin e.V. (LS) on 11 April 2024. The hybrid ceremony took place at Historischer Ratssaal of Rathaus Friedrichshagen, Berlin, 10:00-12:30. Fleissner could not take part himself. Wolfgang Hofkirchner held the laudatory speech via ZOOM. Siegfried Piotrowski (GfK) read out the prize document and presented the award to Gerhard Banse (LS) who gave the acceptance speech prepared by Peter Fleissner. Fleissner celebrated his 80th birthday the same day.

Peter Fleissner is a long-standing member of LS, which had been developing co-operation with the GfK. Fleissner has been a member of the Unified Theory of Information Research Group founded in 2003 in Vienna, which is the forerunner of our current GSIS Institute.

He was the spiritus rector of many lines of research and research results that have become a trademark for our institute. To this day, he is an advocate of transdisciplinarity (a) between the scientific disciplines, in particular, the social, the natural and the technological sciences including mathematical as well as philosophical methods and (b) in the sense of reaching out to the people affected by the consequences of research in order to involve them from the outset.

We would like to thank him for this and are delighted with his well-deserved award. 

Wolfgang Hofkirchner | Laudatio (deutsch)
Peter Fleissner (by Gerhard Banse) | Dankrede (deutsch)


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