“Meaning” did not come like a bolt from the blue

Recent literature suggests the appearance of information that is coupled to significance not only with the advent of biotic agents (“meaning“ in living systems) but already with prebiotic environments, namely, with the existence of agents (non-living, physical systems) that – according to the fourth law of thermodynamics after Stuart…

Talk at the third ISA Forum 2016 “The Future We want: Global Sociology and the Struggles for a Better World”

Wolfgang Hofkirchner attended Research Committee on Sociocybernetics sessions and held a lecture on Convergences  of  General  System  Theory,  Critical  Realism  and  Theory  of  Society. The Forum of the International Sociological Association took place in Vienna from 10-14 July 2016.

Ethics for a Global Sustainable Information Society

In September 2015, Wolfgang Hofkirchner, one of the heads of the newly established Emergent Systems Group, was invited to this year’s Interdisciplinary Information Management Talks (IDIMT) in Podebrady, (Czech Republic). Wolfgang Hofkirchner: Ethics for a Global Sustainable Information Society | presentation |…

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