Luhmann on economy: a philosophical counterdraft to the homo economicus approach?

David Braunstein, member of GSIS, writes his philosophical dissertation on the emergent system of economy in the Luhmannian sense. That conception can be understood as a criticism of the assumptions of homo economicus that is still en vogue in mainstream economics.

Braunstein presented his ideas in two public events that – because of the COVD-19 pandemic – took place outdoor at the Vienna office of the GSIS Institute in two parts, the first on 28 August 2020 and the second on 16 September 2020.

David Braunstein | Zum Ort der Wirtschaft in der Gesellschaft. Die Perspektive der Luhmannschen Systemtheorie als Erwiderung auf den “Homo oeconomicus” | abstract

[The photo by Katja Illner shows the famous Zettelkasten of Niklas Luhmann.]


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