Annual Wittenberg meeting of Institut für Design Science München

4 to 6 September 2020, the Institut für Design Science München organised its traditional face-to-face event in Wittenberg (2018, 2019), this time without co-organisers and under the conditions of restrictions according to the COVID-19 pandemic. The GSIS Emergent Systems Group was represented, anyway (see mentions below). The umbrella theme of discourse matters included, on the occasion of a 200 years anniversary of Friedrich Engels, a focus on the dialectics of nature. The meeting was held in German.

Within her project on the Evolution of Information Processing Systems, Annette Grathoff from Vienna (see photo above) shed light on the problem of physical memory in nature. Back in Vienna, she showed her presentation on 16 September 2020 also at a public GSIS outdoor event.

Tomáš Sigmund from Prague made a foundational contribution to the discourse about humans and nature, which is part of the Austrian-Czech project on Information Ethics, Responsibility and Sustainability.

From a discourse perspective too, Rainer E. Zimmermann from Berlin highlighted in his presentation an example of Schelling’s conception of nature.

José Nafría Díaz Nafría and Wolfgang Hofkirchner who were not present, confirmed written papers.

All contributions will be published in the next year’s edition of the Signifikant yearbook.

For more information see here:

Annette Grathoff | Überlegungen zum Speichern physikalischer Information in der Natur | ppt

Tomáš Sigmund | Dialektik der Schwachpunkte menschlichen Denkens | abstract

Rainer E. Zimmermann | „Die Natur schlägt im Menschen ihre Augen auf.“ Eine Konzeption Schellings und die Sprechweise darüber | pdf


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