Homeland Earth campaign is taking shape

Some time ago we announced the plans for a worldwide campaign to promote planetary awareness, supported by GSIS.

Today, you can watch here Edgar Morin‘s appeal for the campaign (video). You can also read the Appeal for the Campaign in 6 languages, study the background paper Homeland Earth – A Manifesto for Planetary Solidarity, authored by Werner Wintersteiner on behalf of the Austrian Study Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution with the support of a study group in 3 languages, as well as find further material on the same site. You can also browse there the partners of the campaign. Besides Austrian and Austria-located institutions, they currently include EU and European ones as well as organisations and networks from Asia and Africa. It is intended to reach out to the whole world.

The logo of the campaign above draws not upon the state borders but shows the tectonic plates from an unfamiliar angle to symbolise the fragility of the homeland of our human community of destiny. This picture is also the template of a do-it-yourself passport cover. It conveys the message: I’m a citizen of homeland Earth.


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