An anti-utilitarian critique of the concepts of anthropocene and capitalocene

An important lecture on typifying the era humankind has entered was held by Frank Adloff on 14 April 2021 in the framework of a lecture series at the University of Basel on capitalism and critique of capitalism. Adloff is professor at the Universität Hamburg. He is sociologist, director of the Humanities Centre for Advanced Studies “Futures of Sustainability”, is known for the popularisation of the academic movement of convivialism – he was recently involved in founding the Convivialist International as organisation* – and his studies on, and beyond, the work of French anthropologist Marcel Mauss and the gift as a new kind of living together. Adloff presents in his talk the gift approach he favours as a means to the understanding of the social relations with nature.

The lecture given online can be listened to at the SocUNIBAS Public Lectures podcast here. This lecture is in German.

Find here the intro in German:

Mit dem Konzept des Anthropozäns beschreibt man derzeit die gegenwärtige ökologische Krise, wobei der Begriff durchaus umstritten ist. Wir leben vielmehr im Kapitalozän, im Zeitalter des Kapitalismus, so der Einwand der Kritiker*innen. Der Vortrag versucht dieser Gegenüberstellung zu entkommen und eine anti-utilitaristische Kritik sowohl des Anthropozän- als auch des Kapitalozän-Konzepts zu entwickeln, um produktiver nach einer möglichen Überwindung der Ausbeutung der Natur durch den Menschen fragen zu können.


* The Convivialist International and GSIS are partners in the international campaign Homeland Earth for facilitating global consciousness and conscience.


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